About us


We, the Dutch people, are eager to travel. Great Dutch travellers wrote history in the mercantile marine and in the navy of the former Republic. Hundreds of years ago Willem Barentsz, Abel Tasman and Michiel de Ruyter chose their way to the unknown and discovered new seas, unspoiled shores and became acquainted with indigenous tribes who were yet unknown to the Dutch people. Spending a life at sea was not just a random choice: you knew there was a significant chance you would not return. It took a great deal of courage and lust for adventure. During a six-month travel there was no comfort on board. Teeth would fall out because of vitamin C deficiencies, diseases would spread rapidly and before you knew it, you would be under attack by an enemy fleet. These globetrotters surely had a rough time.

The Dutch people still travel. We love to go to places where we are amazed by what the world has to offer. Wherever you go as a Dutchman, you will never be the only one there. Luckily, the comfort with which we travel nowadays has improved significantly from the old days.

As a Flying Dutchman, you will obviously be familiar with the moment in which you find yourself on a plane, having just decided to watch a movie after consuming your dinner. Your table is unfolded and holds a cup of coffee, your pillow and blanket are in their right place and your chair is leaned back. At that moment, you realize the person sitting next to you is working his or her way towards the lavatory. This can be a bit frustrating, but the decency towards your fellow human overcomes the annoyance of having to move out of the way. While trying to crawl out of the comfort zone you just installed for yourself, you find yourself grabbing your coffee off the table while your pillow hits the floor and your neighbour helps you to fold your table because you are stuck between your blanket and your headphone wire.

Traveling: Can it be made more comfortable? A wireless bluetooth headset would have made this matter a lot easier and more pleasant.

Good ideas often come from frustration. Do you often wonder ‘Can’t this be made more easy?’ or ‘Why did no one ever think of this before?’

Lionheart does.

With a passion for traveling and some motherland pride we create travel gadgets that will make your trip a lot more fun. And sometimes we get a bit cheeky and design a product you can use at home, just because we think it’s an awesome piece of innovation.